STEM Outreach

What is STEM?

Who first introduced you to engineering? What type of engineering appealed to you? Where did you gain your most memorable precollege exposure to engineering? Where did you learn how much variety there is in engineering? Why are you an engineer? How did you know what type of engineer you wanted to become? Students of Today can become Engineers of Tomorrow, they just need some answers to those Who, What, Where, When, Why and How questions.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The purpose of the STEM committee is to foster a connection between engineers (and other like-minded professionals) and students.

The goal of the STEM Outreach program is to focus on students from 3rd grade through high school, introducing them to the vastness of science and engineering and encouraging them to strengthen skills necessary as scientists and engineers. Many engineering outreach and education programs currently exist and we are not trying to duplicate the efforts of FIRST Robotics, PLTW, etc.


Volunteers Wanted

No group is too big or too small! No idea is too soon or too far down the road! No volunteer can give too much or too little time! Send our STEM Outreach Chairman, Terry Entwistle, an email at and see what we can accomplish together. Thank you in advanced for all your ideas and help.


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