The contact information for each of our current Committee Chairpersons is provided below. Test

Membership Development

Professional Development – Christopher Bergmann, P.E. – – 314-241-6300

Organizes and promotes professional development seminars and activities.

Professional Recognition – John Choinka, PE – 636-812-4220 –

Nominates and selects individuals for annual Honorary Member designation, Award of Merit and Achievement Award.

Young Engineers – Allison Morris, EI – 314-682-2966 – / Erica Ridgway – 314-849-8445 –

Organizes and promotes activities and Engineering Foundation fundraisers for the club through Club members who are “young at heart.”


House Committee – Steven M. Roberts, P.E. – 314-531-4321 –

Manages the Club’s physical facilities.

Roster Publications – Kierstyn Lorince, P.E. – 636-385-5653 –

Produces the Club’s Roster.


Membership Committee – Mark Kollitz, P.E. – 314-682-1639 –

Promotes the Club to perspective members and assists in retaining members.

Affiliated Societies – James R. Klein, P.E. – 314-962-7900 –

Promotes the Club to other related societies


Electronic Communications –  Melissa Carver, P.E. – 314-930-2040– / John Weiland, P.E. – 314-669-0038–

Maintains and updates website, produces and distributes electronic newsletter and blast emails.

Media Relations – Beth Quindry – 314-497-3126 –

Increases the standing and reputation of the Engineers’ Club within the St. Louis community through media communications.

Social Activities

Fellowship Committee – Brian S. Heil, P.E. – 618-345-2200 –

Responsible for Fellowship Night activities and the determination of member interests for additional activities that would provide networking opportunities.

Annual Dinner – Tricia Bohler, P.E. – 314-880-4430 –

Makes all Arrangements for the Annual Dinner, which is held in June.

Holiday Party – Garry Aronberg – 314-621-3395 –

Makes all necessary arrangements for this event.

Bowling League – Greg Mueller – 314-399-9993 –

Organizes the annual coed bowling league, which bowls weekly on Wednesday evenings from about August through April.

Golf League – Jeffrey P. Klein, P.E. – 314-997-7440-

Organizes the annual coed golf league, which plays weekly on Thursday afternoons from about April through September.

Softball League – Position Open (contact Scott J. Smith, P.E. – 314-621-3395-

Organizes the annual softball league, which plays weekly on Tuesday evenings from about April through September.

Community Relations

Public Affairs – LaWanda M. Jones, P.E. – 314-454-0222 –

Is responsible for providing the membership with the opportunity to learn more about engineering-related issues within the St. Louis area.

Community Involvement – Dustin R. Hill, EIT – 314-436-0865-

The committee is responsible for determining member interest in community activities, if such interest exists, individual committees will be created in future years to manage these activities.

Exploring Program – David Ahlemeyer, P.E. – 314-335-4286 –

The mission is to promote the engineering profession among females and males between the ages of 14 and 20.

Scholarship – Dennice Kowelman, P.E. – – 314-241-2601

Jake Jare Golf Tournament – David Yates – 314-296-6143 –

Board Committees