Benefits of Membership

We would first like to thank you for your interest in the Engineers’ Club of St. Louis. As you will soon discover, our membership, the Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons, and Club staff, are committed to making the Engineers’ Club a meaningful organization to you.

Each member has their own reason(s) for joining. We think you will find there are many other benefits as well. Here are some that our members find useful:

  • Career Boost – Our Club gives you a place to meet your fellow engineering professionals to share ideas and make valuable contacts.
  • Networking – Our members represent the core of the engineering profession in St. Louis. Many senior executives use the Club to identify and hire talented engineers and related professionals
  • Professional Programs – We host and sponsor top speakers who present both technical and informative programs on topical subjects.
  • Interactive Seminars – You will have the opportunity to participate in seminars, symposiums, and discussion groups where you can make your ideas known to your fellow members and guests.
  • Social – Our Club blends the professional with the social to give each member an opportunity to have fun with their peers.
  • A Meeting Place – As a member, you can use the Club facility for meetings, luncheons, or presentations you need to host in your day-to-day job or for similar groups needing a place to convene.


Become A Member

Membership Classes


Thirty or more years of age

A registered Professional Engineer or Registered Architect, or

A college or university degree in engineering, architecture or science, or

Eight years’ experience in engineering or science


Thirty or more years of age

Work in an occupation allied to the practice of engineering or science


Between the ages of eighteen and thirty

Graduate in engineering or science or 

Someone engaged in an occupation allied to engineering or science related


Sixty-two or more years of age

Must be retired


Student in engineering or science related field


Meet one of the membership classes above and both live and work outside the Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Please join us

You are invited to the next Fellowship Night meeting (third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.) to meet your fellow members. Your first Fellowship Night dinner is free, please email or call the club to make your reservation.

New or prospective members may visit the Club by calling the office at 314-533-9333 or e-mail to to arrange a tour or to answer any questions about the Club.

Pay Dues

Make a Donation

Purchase Club Apparel


The purpose of the Club is to promote the educational and professional development of its members and to advance the engineering field in every dimension. The Club is a nonsectarian, nonpolitical, and nonprofit society.

The mission of the Club is to promote the educational, social and professional advancement of its members; to assist community leaders, civic organizations and public agencies by providing advice on and giving support to issues which benefit the St. Louis community and to serve as a focal point of engineering activities in the St. Louis area by acting as liaison between the Club’s many affiliated societies and maintaining physical facilities which can be used by the engineering community for educational, social and business purposes.

ACTIVITIES: The activities sponsored by the Club are many and varied. The more active you are, the greater your benefits will be. You should have no difficulty finding one or more suited to you. They include professional, sports, and social activities throughout the year. The “fun” activities range from sports leagues such as golf, bowling and kickball to social events such as the Annual Dinner, Engineers’ Week Luncheon, Happy Hours, Trivia Night, and Fellowship Night (Every 3rd Monday of the Month).

HISTORY: Established in 1868, The Engineers’ Club of St. Louis is the third oldest engineering society in America. Our membership includes not only engineers, but executives and business administrators and a wide variety of related professions in the technical, construction, scientific, aerospace, legal, educational, marketing and accounting communities as well.

Central West End
4359 Lindell Boulevard 314-533-9333
St. Louis, Missouri 63108
E-mail –

PUBLICATIONS: We publish a monthly online newsletter that is distributed to all members. This publication serves to promote inter-society communication and informs Club members of activities and relevant topical issues in our industry. In addition, each member receives an annual roster (directory) of its members.

YOUNG ENGINEERS: One of our special groups is the Young Engineers. This subset of the membership committee focuses on engineers between the ages of eighteen and thirty and seeks to make them highly visible to the membership as well as providing each with an opportunity to interact with their peers as they begin their career in our industry.

LEADERSHIP: The Club is led by our elected President, Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Current leadership can be found here

In addition, we have several long-standing committees which aid in many aspects of the Club. These committees are a great way for members to become involved in activities. Committee information is located here

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