Welcome to The Engineers’ Club of St. Louis. As President, I am thrilled that you are visiting our website. As president, I am honored to follow in the footsteps of the many distinguished engineers that have been members of this club. Our club was founded in 1868 by James Eads and Henry Flad, both engineers that created the St. Louis Eads bridge. These men founded the club to bring like- minded people together in the hopes of creating a home for engineers to socialize and share ideas in a comfortable environment. The club started with mostly civil and mechanical engineers but, over the years, has expanded to include the many different disciplines of engineering. We are entering our 151st year of existence and during those 151 years, we have invited all types of engineers to come together under one roof. Over this period of time, the Engineers’ Club has become the center point for Engineers to socialize and network.

The Engineers’ Club currently has more than 600 members. Over 37 different affiliate organizations such as ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), SAME (Society of American Military Engineers) and AICHE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) all participate in Engineer Club events. The engineering community in St. Louis is strong and thriving thus allowing the Engineers’ Club to be the focal point for our members.

Because of the commitment of our engineers, we have had the opportunity to reach out to our community in order to strengthen and build future generations of engineers.
• We have raised roughly $500,000 in scholarships and strive to support students in their pursuit of engineering.
• We have created our own STEM program that we have showcased at many schools in the St. Louis area.
• We encourage college students to become members so they can network and be apart of their new community.
• We have a Young Engineers Committee that focuses on students and young adults and helps them integrate and network as they begin their careers.
• We have sports leagues and special interest groups that allow our members to get to know one another and be able to share hobbies and interests.
The Engineering community is unique, there is a bond between one engineer to the next. There is this calling and passion of wanting to make this world a better place and help others accomplish their goals.
It is our goal here at the Engineers’ Club to nourish your passion, to feed your hunger for learning and growth and to push you harder for what you are passionate about. We want the Engineers’ Club to be that step forward for your career. We create an open and welcoming space that is inviting for engineers to come together and socialize with individuals like themselves. It is our engineering members that create this home. The Engineer’ Club has a unique way of reminding engineers that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. The Club reminds us that we are a part of building a better and stronger tomorrow for the next generation.