Dear Members:

Happy Sesquicentennial Anniversary – our treasured organization is worthy of celebration! From the memorable achievements of our shared past to the many impressive ways we carry out the mission of the Engineers’ Club of St. Louis today, our motto for the 2018-2019 year is “Proud of our past and focused on our future.”

We began this year with the Annual Dinner held June 1st honoring several 50 year members. Recognizing these individuals and other members who greatly contribute to the engineering industry was a highlight of the evening. On a side note, my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary coincided with this day. In addition, The Engineers’ Club partnered with the Engineering Foundation (The Engineering Center) of St. Louis and awarded $25,000.00 in scholarships to deserving students entering engineering or science related curriculums.

One of the most exciting changes to take place this year is seeing the Engineering Foundation, now known as “The Center” gain additional traction as the more philanthropic side helping us with our mission in promoting better education advancement.

As we round the corner for the second half of this exciting year, we can look to the promise the Club holds for current and new members and students as a thriving center of learning and discovery. The Club’s tradition of outstanding community outreach, wonderful networking opportunities, the humbling generosity of its membership and a growing spirit of civic engagement all signal great years ahead.

At the same time, I hope we can focus not only on the immediate future but on a timeline for increasing the events hosted at our facility that stretches beyond. It is with the great foresight of Past Presidents and Boards before that we are in a position to take those next steps to increase the viability of the Club. I am also encouraged to see the devotion and energy of our current Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Committee Chairs as we continue down the path of progress.

I know that the influx of so many new student members and recent graduates have raised questions about our plan to continue realigning programs and activities to ensure greater effectiveness. I want to assure you how important it is to stay the course and my commitment to be transparent as we modify our constitution as well as our committee’s standard operating procedures so we are adapting to an ever changing world. I invite you to discuss our plans further and share your ideas each month as we continue to have a strong showings at each Fellowship Night.

The pride we share at the Engineers’ Club is built upon progress made in civic engagement, continuous learning and budgeting for the long term. Our faith in the future only grows when we see the progress that our efforts have yielded. I hope you will join me in remaining focused on building a better future together at the Engineers’ Club.


Scott J. Smith